Our Values


We are transparent and genuine, and strive to always do right by our clients and employees. We hold each other accountable and communicate with unwavering candor and civility.


We treat everyone with respect, compassion, and care. We listen with an open mind, think empathetically, and respond with sincerity.


We value the perspective and input of all team members and encourage honest communication. We work openly and cross-functionally to build relationships, innovate, and win as a team.


We advance both our people and our organization by prioritizing the personal and professional development of our team members.


We give our best effort, are willing to go the extra mile, and seek continuous process improvements. Our work is accurate and thorough.


We pave a simpler path for our clients by simplifying what is complicated. We create efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary steps whenever possible.

At Current HR, our values are more than just words. They are who we are and what we live by. They guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, customers, and community.

Current HR is built to become an integral part of your team.

We’re more than just the admin side of HR and payroll – we’re human beings that care and can help build company culture.