Ready to take payroll processing off your to-do list?

Get more time back in your day with our on-time, error-free, and automated payroll from our team of payroll professionals.

Get more time back in your day with our on-time, error-free, and automated payroll from our team of payroll professionals.

When you choose payroll processing services through Current HR, our payroll experts manage your recurring responsibilities and keep you compliant with complex tax codes. Our accurate payroll service eliminates errors and reduces the time your company spends preparing payroll by as much as 80%.

Payroll-processing services include:

Payroll tax filing
Online payroll submission
Paperless payroll via direct deposit or paycard
Simple time tracking for lunches, breaks, and more
Automated standard deductions
Garnishment and levy administration
W-2 processing and online access
State new hire reporting
Dedicated payroll team so you have a direct point of contact when you need help

Automate your payroll submission process

With our user-friendly online payroll system, your employees and managers can easily access pay stubs, update information, approve timesheets, and more. 

How it works:

Each pay period, you log into the system and enter hours for each employee along with any adjustments (tips, commissions, etc.). Paychecks are calculated instantly, and you determine if employees get paid through direct deposit or printed checks. The whole process can take just minutes from start to finish.

Taxes, payments, & reports

Take the guesswork out of payroll taxes. The online payroll system instantly calculates federal and state taxes, and your employees’ checks are adjusted to reflect the proper withholding amounts.

Frequently asked questions

At Current HR, gone are the days of a 1-800 call center. We believe in building relationships through consistency. You will be connected to a dedicated support team so that you know exactly who to contact when you need help.

You are billed on a per pay period basis at the same time we process payroll for your organization. Of course, you will have the opportunity to approve the invoice amount before a transaction is initiated. This way you do not have to worry about manually paying invoices—just one more way we can take work off your plate.

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