HR technology that streamlines and simplifies every stage of the employee lifecycle.

A customized and cost-effective HR management solution

We make onboarding & employee access easy

With the right technology in place, you can more effectively manage employees while giving yourself and your team more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

With our cloud-based HR management platform, you can automate and integrate every aspect of your human resources processes in one system, including payroll, hiring, onboarding, timekeeping, and benefits enrollment.

Our integrated, user-friendly platform includes:

24/7 secure access to company and employee information through an easy, intuitive platform
Paperless reporting and electronic pay stubs
Seamless payroll processing through our web-based platform. We manage tax filings, automated direct deposits, and the generation of paystubs and W-2s.
Electronic onboarding of new employees quickly and easily
Quick turnaround for urgent needs, like employee terminations or bonus checks
Customized reporting to meet your company's needs
Employee self-service portal with access to benefits details, time & attendance, etc.
Quick and easily access to view and manage PTO accruals and requests
Employee classification toolkit to help classify and document each employee’s status for compliance and payroll tax purposes
Job description builder so you can easily create engaging job descriptions that attract the right candidates
Extensive course library of current topics and compliance essentials for both proactive and reactive risk mitigation

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HR technology that simplifies every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Great businesses know that in order to grow, you need a strong foundation. That’s where we excel. From comprehensive HR services to our user-friendly, integrated technology and personalized customer service, Current HR provides you with a set of tailored HR solutions to help you grow strategically.​

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